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Palmer will start throwing Dec 7 before deciding surgery

Even Palmer wonders if he'll play again this season.

If you're fan, you've dreaded it. If you're media, you've questioned it. If you're a teammate, you're against it. In the end, Carson Palmer wants nothing do with non-medical opinions, aiming to salvage a few games to end this badly run marathon.

Originally the target date after the bye week, Palmer's timeline was pushed to the end of November. Now, he's going to try to throw on December 7 (not sure how a specific date was wrestled from him), the same day the Bengals play in Indianapolis against a strengthening Colts team. That will determine if he's going to elect to have Tommy John surgery or not. After the Colts, Palmer's chances at playing this season will be three games; the Washington Redskins at home, at the Cleveland Browns and then hosting the Kansas City Chiefs.

On one hand, we hope he does make a cameo appearance before it's all said and done, to build momentum for next season so the off-season isn't about doom, times two. On the other hand, what's the point? Most of us know that Palmer is pretty good, no matter the opinion of others that suggest Palmer is regressing, conveniently ignoring factors like being overly rushed, with a dead rushing offense.