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We don't need fullbacks, we have tight ends!

Pfft, we don't need fullbacks, we have tight ends. The Cincinnati Bengals are likely the only 1-9-1 team that refuses to use a pure fullback within their 3.4 yards-per-rush offense, collecting and reprogramming tight ends instead. Not that Jeremi Johnson or Reagan Maui'a was of much use this year; both went on IR early and, save for a YouTube video of Maui'a crashing threw a precut hole in a sheet of drywall, he wasn't very impressive. The Bengals released both off Injured Reserve on Wednesday. Happy Thanksgiving. Now, find a job, while you're hurt, in this terribly depressing economy.

In truth, we can't blame the Bengals all that much. As we've brought up several times on this site, Maui'a will be in the NFL until other undrafted fullbacks make their rounds after the draft, forcing older journey players out of the league. Jeremi Johnson has been a source of many frustrations, coming to camp severely overweight that even made Willie Anderson step aback, forcing the strength and conditioning coaches to get his weight down.

But we can blame the Bengals for not keeping a pure, natural fullback on the roster to help open holes for Cedric Benson and (cough) Chris Perry. Daniel Coats isn't bad, but he's not an experienced fullback. Will the Bengals now use a draft pick for a full back?