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If there's nothing to say, then let's say something obvious

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If you have nothing to say, then say the most obvious thing. Pro Football Weekly made a revelation that blew this blogger away; the "Bengals' pass-rush woes may get worse after lose of DEs Geathers, Rucker". That is if you believed losing those two provided a significant drop off, all 3.5 sacks of them. Odom practiced limited Wednesday, possibly returning Sunday against the Ravens. However, we could be fully stocked at defensive end and still be on pace for a total just above the lowest recorded team sack total in league history (well, dating back to the early 80s).

You go to games, because you're a fan. Bleacher Report suggests that you, the fan, should go to Paul Brown Stadium because you're still a fan, and tickets are cheap right now. You wouldn't add to Mike Brown's pockets (all the tickets are already paid for) provided you don't buy concessions. Think of our boys, appreciating the fans for sticking behind them during a historical losing season, showing support with a packed house. Personally, I'm not going to suggest that you go, or boycott the team. Do whatever you want to do, it's your money, your time, and if you want to experience the NFL, by all means, do as you please. During growing troubles within America not related to sports, do what makes you and your family happy.

Because you haven't been extended, it means they don't want you. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is wondering, contemplating and even planning an "exit strategy" to leave Cincinnati, hoping to join a winning team, so a Carroll County Times article suggests. "Yeah, I’m open to everything because I figure I want to win," Houshmandzadeh said. "I think Cincinnati can win here, but it’s a tough situation. When you haven’t signed a contract up until that point, and it’s sad to think like this, but your own mindset tells you that you’re going to leave because you haven’t signed a deal." He's even playing with the idea of joining the Baltimore Ravens, who impressed Willie Anderson with their organization, structure, with a simple mindset of football; not the off-the-field distractions like the incompetence of a questionable front office, playing on the final year of a contract (which does weigh heavy on players, like it would any of us) or players getting into trouble.

Like Chad Johnson, I question why players don't make their own team a winner rather than demanding (or planning exit strategies). Being a reason to leading this team to victory, on this organization, wouldn't just make players great, they'd be legends for generations. But this is the Bengals, and there's too many non-football matters to worry about. In end, I know what Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson are frustrated about, because we've been frustrated with the same damn thing.

Delhomme worries about Carson Palmer. The deadline is critically and quickly closing when Palmer can have the surgery, and be fully recovered by training camp. Everyone in the world thinks that Palmer should call the season quits, take the surgery and focus on 2009. It's additionally mind-boggling that the organization doesn't take a stand to make this happen. Delhomme reached out to Palmer recently to determine if he'll need the same surgery.

An NFL Turkey is a turkey not loved by John Madden. The good folks of MVN asked me who I thought my NFL Turkey of the Year should go to. I'm sure they wanted me to go with Chad Johnson, or Mike Brown, or Marvin Lewis, and I easily could have. But my award went to NFL Chancellor, Roger Goodell.

Dumping. Marvin Lewis is asked about job security again... Shayne Graham is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for his teammates with 48 pounds of turkey... How does one apologize if they didn't learn anything... After releasing two fullbacks, the Bengals signed J.D. Runnels back to the practice squad... Nate Livings will start Sunday... Willie Anderson conference call... the Ravens were the first team in two years to score over 35 points by gaining less than 250 yards... the Bengals are a critical win for the Ravens for their playoff run... the Bengals offense is NOT vertical... this stuff makes Bengals fans cry...