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With Whitworth and Kooistra going on IR, Bengals nearly have starting lineup of injured players

As per the oddball Bengals mindset, the team finally put Andrew Whitworth and Scott Kooistra on Injured Reserve for the season, while allowing franchise quarterback, god of the golden arms, Carson Palmer unrealistically set a date to play this season because, well, he's bored. Good reason. Keep it going. Whitworth moved to left tackle during the Eagles game, and Scott Kooistra played left guard; because Levi Jones was "struggling" on a leg that eventually forced him out against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whitworth left the game later, after giving up two sacks, because of an injury and now he's done for the season.

It became known, reported, that Kooistra was hurt after the game. Even though Jones "struggled" on his leg, he returned to fill in Whitworth's vacancy at left tackle. These series of events introduced Anthony Collins and Nate Livings to the starting lineup for the first time in their careers several days later, playing admirably and surprisingly well against a league-dominate Steelers front seven.

The Bengals signed Geoffrey Pope off the practice squad (oh god), possibly starting with Johnathan Joseph down for the season and David Jones nursing a knee injury (he didn't practice Friday). Remember tackle Kirk Barton? The Bengals signed him off the Dolphins' practice squad.

We're very close to having a starting lineup of players on IR

QB: Carson Palmer (eventually, I'm sure)
RB: DeDe Dorsey
FB: Jeremi Johnson, Reagan Maui'a
WR: Antonio Chatman, Marcus Maxwell
TE: Matt Sherry
LT: Andrew Whitworth
LG: Scott Kooistra
C: Dan Santucci, Kyle Cook
RG: Justin Britt

DE: Frostee Rucker, Robert Geathers
LB: Keith Rivers, Abdul Hodge
CB: Johnathan Joseph, Ethan Kilmer
S: Dexter Jackson, Corey Lynch, Herana-Daze Jones

  • Justin Britt (G)
  • Antonio Chatman (WR)
  • Kyle Cook (C)
  • DeDe Dorsey (RB)
  • Robert Geathers (DE)
  • Abdul Hodge (LB)
  • Dexter Jackson (S)
  • Jeremi Johnson (FB)
  • Johnathan Joseph (CB)
  • Corey Lynch (S)
  • Reagan Maui'a (FB)
  • Keith Rivers (LB)
  • Frostee Rucker (DE)
  • Dan Santucci (C)
  • Matt Sherry (TE)
  • Ethan Kilmer (S/CB)
  • Marcus Maxwell (WR)
  • Herana-Daze Jones (S)
  • Scott Kooistra (T/G)
  • Andrew Whitworth (G)