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Monday morning links and notes -- Monday actually feels good.

I realized today that I had six posts after the Bengals won that might get lost as we keep piling on more and more and more posts. Hey, if you can give me credit for anything, it's an overabundance of reading material -- too much probably for an 0 and... ha. 1 and 8 team. Anyway, a review of those posts.

Defense helps Bengals score first win
First two possessions on offense set the tone.
Benson breaks nine-game streak without a 100-yard rusher.
We begin with "Carson Watch".
Andrew Whitworth fight with John Henderson
When Chad Johnson scores multiple touchdowns, the Bengals are 9-2.

I honestly can't say that I remember a more unified Bengals team during the Marvin Lewis era. Even though they've had very poor performances during their eight game losing streak, they've yet to fell apart like most terrible teams. Instead, they rallied around Marvin Lewis and unified like William Wallace to da bloody Scots Saturday with a players to players speech about respect and pride.

I'm making a bold prediction. Pat Sims will make the Pro Bowl, at least once, in his Bengals career and will be the best defensive tackle since Tim Krumrie. On the other hand, you have appreciate a guy like John Thornton: "I know I don't have a contract for next year. I know they like to look at the young kids when you have a season like this. I think he's going to be a good player, but you have to find out and I told them I understand. Plus, I like the chance to do something different. It gives me a chance to pass rush and my first year here (in '03) I had six sacks, so I think it's something I can do to help."

Did we just find the team's newest leader? Andrew Whitworth on talking to his team mates on Saturday before Jacksonville. "I told all the guys the last thing we're ever gonna do here is be a joke — a punk — to somebody. We gotta come out and fight and prove we are men."

Chad Johnson on his two touchdowns, "Forget the touchdowns. We got the 'W.'"

Glenn Holt was nearly a goat, as lonely as a field goal kicker that misses the game winning kick. Not really. Instead, after fumbling the football that led to a Jaguars touchdown (and momentum, one play away from tying the game), the team supported Holt. "I have great teammates. They were telling me to forget about it, and that's what I did." Holt's 22 20+ yard returns ranks 4th in the NFL. Holt has five returns of 40 yards or more -- more than any NFL player. Holt finished last season with 1,432 yards on kickoff returns. He has 860 yards returning already this season.

Anthony Collins got in on two plays on offense against the Jaguars at left tackle.

Cedric Benson has already earned the respect of his teammates.

Daniel Coats changed his number from 86 to 49.

Johnathan Joseph rebounded from last week with 15 tackles and two passes defensed.

The week nine dearly departed.

The Jaguars are either the most disappointing team, or the most overrated.