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Open Thread II: Ravens @ Bengals

Offensively, the Bengals were as bad as it gets. Through their first six possessions:

19 plays, 20 yards (18 picked up on the first play of the game).
0/6 on third down.
One first down.
Six punts in the first half.
Five straight three-and-outs.

On their final drive, after Lewis called time outs to give the Bengals offense one more shot in the first half, the Bengals went 89 yards on eight plays, enabled by a T.J. Houshmandzadeh 46-yard reception inside the 20-yard line. The drive ended with a field goal, consuming the 1:11 left in the half.

Defensively, the Bengals slowed two Ravens drives enough to prevent touchdowns, forcing field goals instead. On the one touchdown drive by the Ravens, they went 80 yards on nine plays. The Bengals forced three punts, one of them three-and-out. We have to give credit to the defense for only allowing 13 points, though the Ravens really are moving the ball at will.

Fitzpatrick: 5/16, 84 yards passing and 26 yards rushing (on two scrambles)
Benson: 5 rushes, 12 yards
Perry: 1 rush, seven yards

Houshmandzadeh: three receptions, 56 yards
Chad Johnson: two receptions, 28 yards

Flacco: 12/19, 178 yards, TD

McClain: 15 rushes, 52 yards
Ray Rice: five rushes, 11 yards

Clayton: three receptions, 86 yards
Mason: five receptions, 59 yards
Heap: two receptions, 27 yards, TD


Yards Total: Bengals 109, Ravens 248
Third Downs: Bengals 0/7, Ravens 6/11
First Downs: Bengals 4, Ravens 12
Time of Possession: Bengals 9:15, Ravens 20:45