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Maybe an excuse for Fitzpatrick: QB play generally down this week

Maybe bad quarterback play is a league-wide problem across the league. Usually after the Bengals lose during the early games on Sundays, I go through the other early games while tracking the later games being played. I was mildly surprised at the quarterback play, generally, throughout the league.

For instance, Peyton Manning threw two interceptions and fumbled at the goalline, sneaking a 10-6 victory from the Cleveland Browns. Bills' quarterback J.P. Losman, replacing an injured Trent Edwards, threw two incomplete passes and sacked on the Bills final attempt to tie the game; they lost 10-3. Even though he threw tree touchdowns and 298 yards passing, Aaron Rodgers was picked off by Jon Beasing in the closing minutes of the game, losing 35-31 at home. Marc Bulger threw three picks (16/35, 149 yards passing, no touchdowns). Drew Brees' third pick ended the Saints last minute chance to tie during their 23-20 loss to Tampa Bay. Only five quarterbacks during the early Sunday games threw for 200 yards or more.

Watching the Steelers-Patriots game is numbing. The game itself is fine, actually. It's Dan Dierdorf, who I'm nominating as the Biggest Sports Color Analyst Dick of all sports; who talks down to every player not named Ben Roethlisberger. For instance, a pass on third down to Heath Miller was low and behind the tight end. While giving Ben a free pass, Dierdorf blamed Miller because he's good enough to make the catch -- reference to the poorly thrown pass wasn't mentioned.