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Don't mess with Tony Soprano idol, Mike Brown

A four-year old case is ongoing in which 127 club seat ticket owners are suing the club "over the timing and wording of that COA agreement between club seat fans and the team." The club is making them pay for future games, and they don't want to pay.

Young canceled his four club seat tickets after the 2002 season, expecting to forfeit $600 - the $150 COA fee he paid for each of his four seats. But Young said he was so intimidated by a nasty letter from Bengals lawyers after the 2002 season that he bought tickets for the 2003 season.

No word on if Mike Brown was actually at the house gun in hand, though we suspect if their depressing and scared tone portrayed in the article is authentic, then the Bengals are panicking that they could be losing seats, threatening existing customers ala Tony Soprano. Since their contracts expire after next season, we could pretty much assume that the Bengals will drag this out. As this team continues to be, well, Mike Brown's Bengals, then they're going to be losing a lot more. (h/t WDR)