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Bengals fans rejoice: we won't have to go through this again

Marvin Lewis is either the world's most confident coach, or he's simply losing his mind. The former preferable; the latter possible. After Sunday's 34-3 super-beating by the Ravens in every reasonable way, including the declaration of playing with pride, Marvin Lewis said "...our football team won't have to go through another season like this, nor will our fans... believe me."

We wish we could, but how? Will the entire offensive line regroup and be a better unit next season? Will letting Eric Ghiaciuc go (yes) along with Stacy Andrews leaving Andrew Whitworth, Levi Jones and Bobbie Williams under contract for next season? Would replacing Jones with Anthony Collins make us believe it, even if Jones remains with the team? What about keeping Chris Perry in for third-and-short, or signing Cedric Benson to a long-term deal when he's clearly not that type of back that can perform well with a mediocre line? (what's the point signing him if he can't do it with a lackluster offensive line now?) What about replacing T.J. Houshmandzadeh if he's not franchised? Or allowing Chad Johnson to start, who isn't just a distraction, but severely under-performing that the thought of benching him should be under serious consideration?

Sorry Marvin, but we just can't. At the end of last year, Lewis said that it's "time for us to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch." Come to think of it, I suppose the offense is evident of that.