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Carson Watch: Palmer seeing specialists over bye week

Carson Palmer watch continues. Over the bye weekend, Palmer will see another two doctors and a rehab specialists -- hardly the tone in which a player would return for seven remaining games.

However, Palmer downplays it calling it, basically, a check up as he's still looking at the playoffs in the wacky NFL. "We still have seven games left. We can still end up at 8-8," Palmer said. "You never know what can happen in this league. I've only been in it for six years, but strange things happen. You can't say right now that one team can or can't make the playoffs. You could find a way to slip into a wildcard spot at 8-8. I'm not going to say it's going to happen, but I'm not going to say it's not going to happen. So all I can do is (continue) to rehab and get as healthy as possible."