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Thursday morning links and notes -- Bengals fans are fed up? No way.

James Walker analyzes a survey that asked fans several things, ranging from the blame game, to impressions. It was an interesting piece, though if you've been a Bengals fan for any significant time, the comments and results are but an echo of what's been shouted for years. Still, consistent with the pulse of all fans is that we're simply fed up. In truth, we can blame everyone, including the single wasted carbon unit perched upon a golden thrown punishing its constituents.

Yes, it's difficult being a fan. It's even more difficult to write about them that keeps a horizon wide without falling into single-minded absenteeism, attempting to mix optimism with pessimism in a fragile balance that appeals to anyone reading this site. While I don't constantly remind readers of the problems with this team (Barbaro is already dead), trying to promote optimistic fanatism with your favorite team (that's why you're here, right?), it's a foregone conclusion of the problems facing this team; which I believe is more than 60% ownership -- I'd put in the 90% range, while players and coaches, in my honest opinion, could have done a better job pulling out victories in other games this season (Browns, Giants, Ravens, Cowboys).

Cedric Benson has been impressive. Palmer said of Benson, "He's exactly what you expect out of a No. 4 (overall) pick in the draft. When you're picked that high at that position, there are a lot of expectations."

Chad Johnson is talking about running the table, Marvin Lewis is talking about rattling off seven wins and Palmer remains open to the idea that the Bengals could make the playoffs. We're either super-delusional, or the most positive 1-8 team in NFL history.

Doc is tired of the indecision of Palmer's status. What's the big deal? He plays, he doesn't. Having the definition of Palmer's seven-game itinerary isn't that big of a deal. He'll do what he thinks is best for himself and the team for this season and next. At least trust him to do that much, instead of offering advice based on information we receive very partially, summarized by the player.

Chick hates that the NFL Network continues flip off a majority of the NFL fanbase.

No word on Whitworth's likely fine.

Dr. Z jumped the Bengals four spots in his power rankings.

Keith Rivers was hanging around Matt Leinart at Ashton Kutcher's Obama Victory Party.

The "Bigs Package" puts Anthony Collins at left tackle, moving Levi Jones outside of Stacy Andrews.

Old buddy Army has a thing or two to say.