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Marvin White placed on IR

The Bengals haven't done a lot of things right this season, but when it comes to injuries, we're freaking flawless. Marvin White goes on IR with a "ruptured ACL" in his knee. Ben Utecht suffered a "tear in the bottom of the foot where the arch is supported"; same injury that forced Chinedum Ndukwe out recently. While Utecht could be another IR candidate, The Duke could return against the Colts. Carson Palmer is out.

Speaking of White.

What White's placement on Injured Reserve doesn't do, is help our starting lineup of players the Bengals have put on IR this season; we already had three, but depth never hurts.

QB: Carson Palmer (eventually, I'm sure)
RB: DeDe Dorsey
FB: Jeremi Johnson, Reagan Maui'a
WR: Antonio Chatman, Marcus Maxwell
TE: Matt Sherry
LT: Andrew Whitworth
LG: Scott Kooistra
C: Dan Santucci, Kyle Cook
RG: Justin Britt

DE: Frostee Rucker, Robert Geathers
LB: Keith Rivers, Abdul Hodge
CB: Johnathan Joseph, Ethan Kilmer
S: Dexter Jackson, Corey Lynch, Herana-Daze Jones, Marvin White

  • Justin Britt (G)
  • Antonio Chatman (WR)
  • Kyle Cook (C)
  • DeDe Dorsey (RB)
  • Robert Geathers (DE)
  • Abdul Hodge (LB)
  • Dexter Jackson (S)
  • Jeremi Johnson (FB)
  • Johnathan Joseph (CB)
  • Corey Lynch (S)
  • Reagan Maui'a (FB)
  • Keith Rivers (LB)
  • Frostee Rucker (DE)
  • Dan Santucci (C)
  • Matt Sherry (TE)
  • Ethan Kilmer (S/CB)
  • Marcus Maxwell (WR)
  • Herana-Daze Jones (S)
  • Scott Kooistra (T/G)
  • Andrew Whitworth (G)
  • Marvin White (S)