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As all things in 2008, Lewis is no longer a winning head coach

If Marvin Lewis is the Bengals head coach throughout 2010, he will become the longest tenured head coach in franchise history. I know what you're feeling -- that just doesn't seem right. Before the season, Lewis was one of three Bengals head coaches with a career winning record (42-38) and third winningest head coach in franchise history. After going 1-11-1 this year, his career record dropped to fifth all-time, behind Paul Brown and Sam Wyche, and isn't within the exclusive head coaches with a winning record as a Bengals head coach.

Coach Games Regular Winning % Playoffs
Forrest Gregg 57 32-25 .561 2-2
Bill Johnson 33 18-15 .545 0-0
Paul Brown 112 55-56-1 .496 0-3
Sam Wyche 127 61-66 .480 3-2
Marvin Lewis 93 43-49-1 .468 0-1
Bruce Coslet 60 21-39 .350 0-0
Homer Rice 27 8-19 .296 0-0
Dick LeBeau 45 12-33 .267 0-0
Dave Shula 74 19-55 .257 0-0

Lewis can still jump Wyche this season for fourth winningest coach, provided he closes the season with a perfect record. Still going for him is that he's one of four head coaches to take the Bengals to the playoffs. Next step? Becoming the third head coach to record a victory in the post-season. That might take a while.