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Henderson is 23rd placed on IR, and more Mike Brown dribble

Dave says a GM won't help the Bengals as much. WDR calls Dave irrational. Dave responds, saying that it doesn't change a thing. I spoke briefly with Michael Abromowitz (yes, I name drop) after I linked his article yesterday morning, and basically we believed the only substantive effort for "real change" would be gathering a group of investors (a primary point in his article), to overvalue the team, perhaps twice as much, and put forth a powerful bid on the team.

Sadly, not only is it questionable that Brown would even sell, but it's unlikely that investors, in our uber-ness of super economic practices, would be willing to over-value this team. Furthermore, if the investors aren't Cincinnati-based, then there's a likelihood, based on contracts (and loop holes) of city agreements with the franchise to stick in Cincinnati, that an outside investor could pack up shop and send them to an area where the stands would fill up and markets would pour money into the team. Any city would be thrilled to have a representative in the NFL.

Essentially, selling really isn't an option; more like a fool's dream. In truth, no solution seems viable, much less likely; we're a cynical folk and no matter what one suggests, the other will have a problem with it. That's how we roll.

Moving on...

+ Eric Henderson is the team's 23rd player on IR. Henderson gives us another option at defensive end on our IR starting lineup, but also a player that can move to outside linebacker. bengals signed defensive end, Chris Harrington off the Arizona Cardinals practice squad.

Q and A with Mike Doss.

Antwan Odom could play this Sunday. James Walker asks if Odom regrets coming here, and "would've accepted less money to stay with Tennessee this year?" Alternatively, since players are always the victims of professional sports, does Cincinnati regret signing Odom because he's done little to help our team improve the terrible pass rush.

However, there's a league-wide drop in sacks.

Along with Odom, Chinedum Ndukwe and David Jones could be returning.

Acquiring Chris Crocker and Mike Doss this season, in response to injuries, has actually given the Bengals better depth.

The Bengals will bounce back.

Keith Rivers lost 24 pounds while having his mouth wired shut. Now, he's working himself back.