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Most overpaid and underpaid, and heroes of, well, we're not sure.

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So Alex Marvez puts together a list of who's overpaid and underpaid. Mind you, it's a collection of players organized within a list (or slide show) based on his opinion. For instance, Matt Cassel is overpaid. He's a backup, doing backup duties after cashing paychecks for playing 14 games (39 pass attempts) in the three seasons prior to 2008. Though we're hardly complaining of a list based on someone's opinion, and god bless Cassel for stepping up (note to Fitzpatrick), but we wouldn't dare chime in on players with other organizations based on the simple fact that we only "cover" the Bengals.

From a Bengals perspective, Marvez declares two players overpaid, while none are underpaid (surprised?). Does it shock you that he says Levi Jones and Antwan Odom are overpaid?

NFL's All-Overpaid Team (offense).

Levi Jones, LT.

" Injuries have robbed Jones of the mobility that helped him land a six-year, $40 million contract extension in 2006 that included $16.3 million in guaranteed money. With a likely top five pick in April's draft, the lowly Bengals (1-11-1) could very well target a new left tackle and show Jones the door."

NFL's All-Overpaid Team (defense)

Antwan Odom, DE.

"Desperate for veteran help at defensive end after losing Justin Smith to San Francisco in free agency, Cincinnati made a rare big-money foray into free agency and signed Odom to a five-year, $29.5 million contract that included $11.5 million guaranteed. Foot and shoulder injuries have prevented Odom from living up to his end of the bargain. After notching a career-high eight sacks for Tennessee in 2007, Odom has gotten to the quarterback only twice in nine games this season. For the 15th time in 16 seasons, no Cincinnati player will finish the season with double-digit sacks."

NFL's All-Underpaid Team (offense), NFL's All-Underpaid Team (defense)

It's not that we think badly of Levi Jones; in truth he's played well during the early morning hours of the Marvin Lewis era. And we like the guy. But...

an early-season hamstring injury turned into a back injury that turned into a full-blown right leg injury that turned a promising season into a dismal one.

The NFL is a nasty business. Once you turn 30, you're done. Once a running back cashes in, he's done. Once a wide receiver perceives himself as more valuable than the team, he's done. Once an offensive lineman's body breaks down, he's done. We've long held the belief -- not via inside sources named Francis "The Eagle Warrior" Maloney or rumors that we never update -- that Levi Jones should have called it quits earlier this season to rehab fully for 2009 and indirectly allow Anthony Collins to develop. Opinion since has changed, with the evolving belief that the team may just cut him after the season, based on their impression of Collins, while Eric Steinbach remains the left guard for the Cleveland Browns and Willie Anderson sporadically starts for the Baltimore Ravens at right tackle. (Yes, I'm making a point about all three players that dates back after the 2006 season) But you have to give the guy credit for his competitive heart. I'm just not so sure he can help us win football games anymore.

Moving on...

The Redskins have lost four of their last five games. Bengals have lost 11 of their past 13.

Bengals / Redskins is the Pro Football Hall of Fame's throwback game of the week (this is actually pretty sweet).

We're having some discussion with Redskins fans at Hogs Haven. If you have a question about their team (or want to correct me), go ahead (you don't even need to make a new account either... god bless SB Nation).

Even though Carson Palmer will be out this weekend against the Washington Redskins, he still might end up playing before year's end. We've heard that since the beginning of November.

When Antonio Chatman returned to the Bengals locker room Wednesday, he didn't "recognize a lot of people in here".

T.J. Houshmandzadeh is the team's MVP, so says James Walker (and about 99% of Bengals fans). But Pete Prisco doesn't see him as a Pro Bowl receiver.

Oh, poor Corey Dillon done got suckered.

Apparently Cincy Jungle's hero was Mark Curnutte. Now Curnutte is Geoff Hobson's hero. And apparently Bob Bratkowski will be the next Bengals head coach. I don't even know what to think; or is that just optional?