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Open Thread II: Bengals leading 17-10

Bengals dominated the first quarter in yardage (155-42) and score (14-0). Benson recorded well over 100 yards of total offense in the quarter, as well as 93 yards passing by Fitzpatrick. In the second quarter, the Redskins came alive outscoring the Bengals 10-3, scoring on their final two possessions with drives that went 9 plays (40 yards, TD) and 12 plays (71 yards, FG). Fitzpatrick nearly had three passes picked off, either from poorly thrown passes or terrible decision-making. On the Bengals last two possession (not including the knee to end the half), the Bengals ran six plays and picked up zero yards.

After taking a 14-0 lead, the Bengals converted their third red zone trip into a field goal leaving four points on the field. After the Redskins scored a touchdown on their next possession, Santana Moss was called for unsportsmanlike conduct, tacked on with a kick out of bounds, the Bengals had the ball at the Washington 45-yard line. Going three-and-out, and a poor punt, the Redskins were began their drive at their own 24-yard line. They kicked a field goal to close the first half.

Defensively, the Bengals were aided with a terrible start by Jason Campbell. Additionally, the Bengals defense started the game tough, primarily with good play by the defensive tackles. Eventually, the Redskins started running the ball outside, picking up chunks of yardage. Campbell, cool and calm under limited (if any) pressure, is finding one-on-one match ups with receivers getting good separation by the secondary. Before allowing the Redskins first touchdown, Leon Hall was having a tremendous outing, knocking down passes and making stops.

Bengals lead 17-10 at the half, but clearly momentum is with the Redskins after the Bengals offense/defense dominated the first quarter. If the Bengals can't stop the momentum and pick up some of their own, then they're on par of doing what they've done all season. Get off the field quickly on offense, and a defense that struggles the longer they are on the field.

Let's go Bengals. Get momentum. Offense will start the second half.