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Bengals Shutout of the Pro Bowl

As we pretty much expected (though it doesn't make it hurt any less), the Bengals were shutout from the Pro Bowl -- first time since 1998. Earlier we made the case that T.J. Houshmandzadeh would be our likeliest candidate, but though that would a stretch. He's by far the team's best player on the field this season on offense, and our defense, while solid at times, just doesn't have any consistent play-makers.

However, Houshmandzadeh was named as the second alternate.

2007 Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh
2006 Willie Anderson, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson
2005 Willie Anderson, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Deltha O'Neal, Shayne Graham
2004 Willie Anderson, Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Tory James
2003 Willie Anderson, Chad Johnson
2002 Lorenzo Neal
2001 Corey Dillon
2000 Corey Dillon
1999 Corey Dillon , Tremain Mack
1998 None
1997 None

Bengals Pro Bowl History

UPDATE: The NFL just released the Pro Bowl list. And yes, it's the same Mike Sellers.