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Bengals release Victor Hobson, sign James Blair to PS

James Blair taking a break from AVP2 as the Predator.

As quickly as Victor Hobson was signed on December 3, he was promptly released one day short of his two week anniversary, to which eventually Ignatius said, "One of the job requirements is a well-developed taste for Mike Brown’s ass." No, I'm not clarifying the context.

However, the Bengals keep auditioning roles. Not necessarily guys that will help us this year; rather finding something that the team can steal in a continuing (some say feeble) effort to upgrade the team's depth by taking a look at guys off the street. With Dhani Jones, and recently Chris Crocker, the team is cheap convinced enough that they can still rotate guys in, hoping to find another Crocker, or Dhani.

Waiving Hobson and filling the team's practice squad by bringing back James Blair, by our count, means that the team is one short of the 53-man limit. And yes, we're arrogant enough to say that we're the only Bengals blog on the net that can fill out three paragraphs about the Bengals releasing Victor Hobson.