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Roger Goodell says that struggling NFL franchises are on their own

Roger Goodell to all the struggling franchises in the NFL: You're on your own.

Roger Goodell works for the men, unless he must punish the men. NFL Commissioners have a confusing nature to themselves that I'll never get. A Commissioner works for the 32 owners in the NFL, like a mediator, that sets rules and policies for the league as voted by 32 franchises. Sometimes he bullies around a generic personal conduct policy, or fines defensive players for something they've been taught since the first grade ("kill the quarterback, son!"), but the league has generally supported it.

With all that in mind, if you ever expected Roger Goodell to intervene Mike Brown and the Bengals, you'd be terribly wrong. During Half Time of the New England Patriots (that's why he's there) smashing of the Oakland Raiders, he answered reporter questions in the press box at Oakland. Your job is simple. Take what he's being asked about the Raiders, and replace it with a Cincinnatian mindset.

Are you concerned with the level of competitiveness with the Raiders over the last six years? Does that fall anywhere within your jurisdiction?
“Not individually, no. Competitiveness, we have a very competitive league. I think the Dolphins showed how fast you can turn a franchise around. The Atlanta Falcons have showed how fast you can turn a franchise around. This franchise has been competitive for decades.”

Could you envision stepping in with a team as far as competitiveness, talking to them about how to get the team going again?
“I have enough things to do [laughs]. I work for 32 teams, I can’t work for one. I’m not sure I’d be much help, by the way.”

So, the answer to a long-standing question, is no. The Commissioner won't come into Cincinnati waving a King's Banner, point a sword at Mike Brown's throat and proclaim, "you shall do as I say." Sorry Frodo, but the ring must still fall into the fires of Mount Doom. Even offering advice is risky political business for a Commissioner, who by every right could be benched, if the owners vote for it.