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Bengals are closer to being a good team than in 2005... what?

Another mainstreamism: Ever notice that when a celebrity, or powerful figure of sorts, attacks the media, then the media mostly unravels defending their turf, and their comrades? Why wouldn't you? Lance simply calls Marvin Lewis an arrogant jerk while C Trent mocks Lewis, then commenters. Mo references it, but he's too far into hot chicks (and we love him for that!) to express himself on his blog (a good way to force people to listen) -- though admittedly, we no longer have access to a radio at work, so who knows what's being said. Daugherty blasts Lewis, saying, "He controls the stage. It's up to him to act like a star." Stars actually act with entitlement and a superiority sense of things. So if the desired result is to be like a star, then Lewis finally conducted himself as such.

Perhaps class, would be better suited than Star; because star only confirms that Lewis was in the right, being a celebrity and telling everyone else to "leave me the hell alone". He really didn't say that, just making that point.

Conclusively, we just believe that Lewis is frustrated, that boiled over, and now it's over. Dow asked a question, Lewis didn't like that and responded in kind. Most of the industry (media) didn't like that, responded as we thought they would. Lewis is generally out of favor with the fans after going 17-28-1 since their 2005 playoff run.

Lewis, you old devil going around telling us that we're closer to being a good team now than we were clinching the AFC North in Detroit. Devil. Devil.

Amid the angst of the injury- and loss-filled 2008 season, Lewis repeatedly has offered a reassuring voice. He believes their 2-11-1 record has masked some important improvement.

"I'm hopeful there's a stronger foundation being built," he said.

Whether it is a reflection of his unusual optimism or revisionist history, Lewis said he believes the Bengals are "a lot closer" to being a good team now than they were Dec. 18, 2005, when they beat the Lions in Detroit to clinch the division.

More, there's always more.

  • Jim Maxwell is back, this time filling the 53-man roster.
  • Revenge! Says Chris Crocker.
  • The Johnson / Houshmandzadeh marriage could come to an end (I doubt it will, but it could).
  • Bengals win, 16-10, over their in-state rivals.
  • Albert Haynesworth to be unrestricted free agent, though one has to wonder if he was a bust through four years of his career, why would we anticipate him keeping his high level of play after scoring his fat contract. Isn't that the death of most players?