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Friday afternoon links and notes: Lewis deep in thought, Palmer still deciding

Lewis is digging into serious introspective thinking, how plays in previous seasons change the team's complexion. He also compares this team to previous teams, while finally answering Dustin Dow's question.

The time is close to when Carson Palmer will elect to have surgery or not. He's still not throwing the ball beyond 50 yards.

Facts about Sunday's game between the Bengals and Browns.

Take your pick.

Bengals look to avoid being swept by the Browns for the first time since 2002.

One key is to contain Joshua Cribbs on special teams.

Chris Crocker's performance against Washington is as good as the coaches have seen by a safety since 2003. Now he's playing against the team that drafted him (Cleveland).

Fitzpatrick doesn't think finishing the season ahead of Cleveland in the standings is that big of a deal. A certain truth, no doubt. You can't spin terrible into a positive. Still, saying we were better than Cleveland has a certain sweet ring to it, doesn't it?

Jim Maxwell will earn $71,176 for two games this year ($35,588 each).

The Bengals jumped three spots in Don Banks' poll.