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A Reggie Williams update, and will Shaun Rogers single-handedly destroy Bengals offense?

(Note: this is our links and notes section)

The New York Times' George Vecsey updates us on Reggie Williams, who is now driving his car all over the place with his rebuild leg.

In July, the leg began to heal. On Aug. 19, he received a second artificial knee. On Sept. 5, he had another procedure to clean the implant. Then he began reintroducing his linebacker body to the complexity of motion. He thanks Dr. Stephen J. O’Brien and all the other medical stars at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

He drove (his wife) into the city as she grilled him on the pitfalls of driving with a rebuilt leg. He promised he would go two hours, then rest for two hours, but as soon as he dropped her off, he began packing his car. The next morning he headed down the turnpike, with no more than 60 degrees of motion in his right knee, not ideal for driving.

After two hours, he stopped for coffee and decided there was no turning back. After stopping to visit his brother in Atlanta, he got home to Orlando in time for his son’s football banquet.


Chad Johnson's late entry on this week's injury report is simply rest with a sore hamstring.

Matt predicts a 17-13 win over the Browns.

The weather in Cleveland will be in the low 30s, with snow in the forecast and heavy winds.

Security has ejected 2,365 fans and arrested 676 others at Cleveland since 1999.

The Chickster calls this round of the Battle of Ohio, the Buckeye Toilet Bowl.

With Shaun Rogers played nose tackle, could the Bengals offense be totally shutdown with Eric Ghiaciuc blocking him?