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Open Thread II: Bengals leading 14-0 over the Browns

First half was dominated by the Bengals rushing offense, clearly a prideful offensive line opening lanes for Cedric Benson, who rushed 22 times for 118 yards rushing. James Johnson picked up three first downs on three third down conversion during the Bengals opening touchdown drive (not their first TD; that was a pick-six by Leon Hall). The first offensive touchdown drive ended with Chris Henry hauling down a reception in the end-zone for a touchdown. The Bengals only punted once in the first half; however, the offense fumbled once and missed an ill-advised 46-yard field goal attempt.

Aided by a stagnant Browns offense, the Bengals defense has limited the Browns offense to under 100 yards total offense (92 yards) with a majority of those yards (71) on the ground. Bengals defense has forced an interception, three punts, ending the first half with an Chinedum Ndukwe sack.

With 196 yards of total offense, the Bengals had the ball for 17:19 in the first half, converting a mind-blowing 6/8 third down conversions; Browns are 2/6 on third down.

This is our nomination for best half by the Bengals as a team -- offensively and defensively.