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Stacy "The Franchise" Andrews tore his ACL

You knew it looked bad when "The Franchise", Stacy Andrews, didn't stand after laying on the ground for several minutes before CBS went to commercial. It's worse than that. During his weekly press conference, Marvin Lewis confirmed that The Franchise tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. He's obviously done for the year.

Dennis Roland, Andrews' replacement on Sunday, will make his first NFL start, giving the team three total players making their first career starts on the offensive line. We're basically assuming that Levi Jones is going to miss his sixth start of the season. With Andrews going down, it opens another spot. However, only Digger Bujnoch and James Blair remain on the team's practice squad -- both are noted guards and/or centers.

Andrews will be an unrestricted free agent. With this injury, his asking price could be significantly lower, depending on how teams view the procedure and recovery.