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Bengals won't raise prices of tickets in 2009

The Vikings, Jaguars, Chargers and Saints have all announced that ticket prices will remain the same in 2009, as they were in 2008. The Cincinnati Bengals Tuesday announced the same thing. We think this has less to do with an overall "we don't deserve to raise tickets on you because we stink" type of campaign; rather an economy that keeps tanking limiting the overall spending of most people. This is, after all, one of the worst Christmas seasons, in terms of sales, in the past two decades (if not more).

Why would any of us, scraping by for cash praying that our jobs don't fold, like the workers saying good bye at the General Motors plant in Moraine on Tuesday, spend our available money that we should be saving in an empty coffee can just in case the world crashes into a bloody mess. Of course, in the end, the team had to assure us that the tickets are still "well below the league average" -- which is $5.11.