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Breaking down sacks allowed, Leon Hall wins AFC Defensive Player of the Week, and more

Sacks allowed by linemen. Stacy Andrews allowed 9.5 sacks in 15 starts this season; by far the worst on the team. For those of you that like such meaningful statistical measures of our offensive linemen during pass protection schemes, here's a list of sacks allowed by our each linemen (via Stats Inc)

Player Sacks
Stacy Andrews 9.5
Levi Jones 5.5
Andrew Whitworth 5.0
Bobbie Williams 4.0
Eric Ghiaciuc 4.0
Anthony Collins 1.5
Nate Livings 0.5

You'll note that Jordan, Carson and Fitzpatrick have been sacked 50 times, which means of the players listed, there is easily a discrepancy. However, it's not far off. You have to also include sacks given up by tight ends, H-backs, running backs and defensive players blitzing that are unblocked.

Awarding the obvious. Bengals cornerback Leon Hall won the AFC Defensive Player of the Week on Wednesday -- first defensive player in three years to win the award. It's the first weekly award handed out by the league to any of the Bengals.

More, more, more

While it's not out of the question, surgery is less likely now than it was.

Andrew Whitworth will move to right tackle, if that's asked of him, for next season.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune writes that Cedric Benson is not the same man he was in Chicago.

Andre Caldwell is coming around.

Bobbie William's won the Good Guy award -- an award handed to players for playing nice with the media. Rashad Jeanty won the Ed Block Courage Award and T.J. Houshmandzadeh was awarded the team MVP.

WDR's "source" says that the Blackburns want to hire a GM and that Brown isn't "convinced".

John Thornton doesn't expect to return. The team will miss his class, leadership and club house presence.

Newspaper writers, and beat writers, generally write to the lowest common denominator, to keep the stories literate for the entire populous. So it's still somewhat surprising that the Enquirer allows every story to have comments.

Add Don Banks to the list of writers that still think that Lewis is on the hot seat.

A list of best candidates for General Manager.