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Houshmandzadeh doesn't want to be tagged with "unfair" nearly $10 million one-year deal

We wrote earlier (like just over an hour ago), that calling a franchise contact -- virtually a one-year deal worth between $9-10 million, doesn't sit well with blue collar noodles like us (who are watching our class-mates drop like flies with the decreasing availability of jobs) -- unfair isn't really a good idea. There are a lot of things in life that are unfair -- a nearly $10 million deal isn't one of them.

He's still going on about not wanting to have that franchise tag.

"It's just a one-year deal. I know that. They know that. Its not a long-term thing," Houshmandzadeh said. "It's one (season) and youre out of here. It (shows) no intention of signing you to a long term deal. And it doesn't make the team better. If you (tag) me, Im not going to win games for you by myself.

"We have so many other holes to fill. If you franchise me, it's not beneficial for the entire team," he said. "I would like to stay here. I was talking in the bus about it today. I think we can win. The defense if you get Keith (Rivers) back, if you get Robert Geathers back and J. Joe (Johnathan Joseph) back the defense will be that much better. And you would figure were not going to play this bad again on offense."

Houshmandzadeh went on to say he won't arrive for OTAs if he's tagged, even though he didn't show up for OTAs the past two off-seasons under contact.

"Coming from where I come from, when I started here, you wouldnt bet that I'd be thought of as something like that anyway," said Houshmandzadeh, a seventh-round pick in '01 who only had 62 catches in his first three seasons

"So hopefully, it doesn't happen, man. And if we can work something out, thats cool. And if not, I would still like the Bengals to do well, because I have a lot of friends in this locker room."

In truth, I think one of the biggest priorities should be signing Houshmandzadeh for next season -- through a long-term deal or the tag, it doesn't matter to me. I think he's a huge part of this offense, and would benefit us, no matter how hard he tries to downplay that point.

Our advice to Houshmandzadeh is to shut up about it. We understand why he might be upset; comparatively speaking of his peers in the NFL, it makes sense. But for the love of god, stop talking about being upset with a nearly $10 million salary.