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Palmer threw 100% and feels great, ready for OTAs; will determine surgery based on recent MRI

After the Bengals won the season finale against the Kansas City Chiefs, Carson Palmer showed up for the post-game press conference and gave some nice little nuggets heading into the off-season.

Q: Did you get a chance to throw at all Friday or Saturday?
"Yeah. I actually threw against the defense on Friday. Everything went well. I threw pretty much 100 percent. I've had another MRI. I'll get the results of that back hopefully this next week. I'll be ready to roll in the offseason and keep throwing and keep training, hopefully with no flaws and no surgery, and be ready to roll in OTAs."

Q: When you threw the football, you had no pain. Were you able to throw with velocity?
"Yeah. I tried to route every pattern against the defense in different situations. Everything felt great."

The results of this MRI will make Palmer's decision whether he'll go under the knife or not. If the MRI appears worse than the one he previously took, he's having the surgery. If not, additional off-season rest should take care of it. If all goes well, then he says he should be ready for OTAs.