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Bengals "Wreck Your Team Campaign" a Moderate Success

Documenting our "Wreck Your Team" initiative wasn't taken with a great deal of pleasure on our part. It hurt us that a late sack by Mike Peterson and subsequent celebration forced a fall out between Jack Del Rio and the linebacker. Embarrassed we felt when Donovan McNabb was ambushed with new knowledge that yes, in fact, ties do exist -- and Eagles fans can thank us for that too. Though Philadelphia's world completely collapsed at the time, didn't it? Redskins? No playoffs for you. Browns? Well, we didn't hurt the fan's chances acquiring a new General Manager and Head Coach, did we?

Chiefs? Well. Larry Johnson really, really, really, really, really wants to leave.

Like, really bad.

In a sense, each one of our wins (and tie) brought upon some chaos or disaster to the respective city of the team we played. Though one could argue Cleveland was in worse shape than Edward Burns after filming A South of Thunder (a reader points out it's a Sound of Thunder, which further proves how awful this movie is). You'd be wrong to assume I like this. I would rather guard against teams wrecking my playoffs, than being the wrecking ball.

But it is what it is.