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How exactly is "Links" a golf term?

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Sorry fellas. A combination of a really slow day, and a busy one at work, this is short, a repository of links. If one wishes to call it a dump, by all means.

  • Bengals signed free agent linebacker Victor Hobson, a second round draft pick by the New York Jets in 2003, released after preseason by the New England Patriots.
  • Even though Palmer is going to throw the football this weekend to determine if he needs surgery, it's not likely he'll return (if he does) until either the Browns or Chiefs game (last two of the year).
  • Every offensive lineman's job security is in jeopardy, except for Andrew Whitworth and Anthony Collins.
  • Lack of leadership is what's wrong with the Bengals -- couldn't agree more.
  • Bengals signed defensive end, Ben Ishola to the team's practice squad.
  • Nippert is expanding and Brian Kelly is sticking around.
  • Bearcats are attracting better area talent.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network said of the Bengals: "Let the record (1-10-1) show that the Bengals are terrible, and thank God you didn't have to pay to watch that nonsense they advertised as NFL football."
  • is already talking NFL draft.
  • Prisco ranks the Bengals 30th.
  • Rick Reilly tests players on some uncommon NFL rules.
  • Charlie Weis stays at Notre Dame.
  • Wide receivers usually catch on slow.
  • Don Banks lists names of potential head coaches for next year.
  • What if Marvin Lewis wins more than one game "this week"?
  • Art Modell in the Hall of Fame? I don't like the guy, knowing how he treated Bengals founder, Paul Brown.
  • Steelers are the team to beat in the AFC, with an impressive defense. I've actually seen a majority of the Steelers this season (trust me, circumstances). But I can't argue against any of that.