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Tuesday afternoon links and notes; practice squad moved to offseason roster

The Bengals signed seven players onto the offseason roster that were on the team's practice squad.

  • G James Blair
  • CB Marcus Brown (McNeese State)
  • C/G Digger Bujnoch (Cincinnati)
  • DE Victor DeGrate (Oklahoma State
  • WR Maurice Purify (Nebraska)
  • FB J.D. Runnels (Oklahoma)
  • WR Mario Urrutia (Louisville)

Mark Curnutte is leaving as the Bengals beat writer. No word on who's replacing him. We've never had a problem with Curnutte, he provided us with plenty of information. However, we think that the Enquirer has never fully understood the potential they have with their Bengals blog; where information meets opinion in a messy collision. That's a good blog.

Stacy Andrews, who plans on being back by training camp, is having surgery in Cincinnati on January 5.

Not only is Chris Henry looking to have an "uneventful offseason season", but he says his relationship with head coach Marvin Lewis is "repaired." Forgive us if we've heard that before and remain suspect.

Chick Ludwig agrees with CJ, Bob Bratkowski should be "under heavy scrutiny". But he also thinks tagging Houshmandzadeh would be a mistake.

Lewis' latest press conference proves it, he's no fun.

While Lewis complimented the veteran players for helping keep things stable, but also said "I can't have said it enough times that they weren't quite ready to go when we got started, and that makes a big difference. It's difficult to train on your own at the pace everyone else is keeping with the team." Chad and Houshmandzadeh were within his sights when saying that. We fully stand behind the head coach on that one.

Why Geoff Hobson is examining anything other than tackle for the upcoming NFL draft is beyond me. At the same time, I'm a little flaky on my stance if that means we can get a leader, a play-maker, on defense -- specifically the middle linebacker.

The 2009 schedule based on location.

B.J. doesn't seem too optimistic.