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Division opponents and stats, stats, holy crap, stats.

Performances against division opponents. Even though this weekend isn't against a division opponent, I wanted to briefly touch the disturbing reality of the Bengals performances against teams in their own division. Through five division games, all losses, the Bengals have been outscored by 91 points (136-45) an average of 18.2 points per game -- significantly higher than the 13.25 points per game they've been outscored throughout the entire season.

Opponent Result Opp. Bengals
Baltimore Loss 17 10
Cleveland Loss 20 12
Pittsburgh Loss 38 10
Pittsburgh Loss 27 10
Baltimore Loss 34 3

Having won only three of their past 11 games against the AFC North (two were 2007 victories against the Ravens), the Bengals are in no position to make significant strides making division games competitive -- much less, a path for a playoff berth.

Stats, stats, stats. Pro Football Reference is one of the best statistical sites not named Football Outsiders on the net. A new feature (new enough for me to just find it), is detailing every touchdown by a specific player. For example, take Chad Johnson. Their touchdown breakdown includes (but definitely not limited to):

  • Nine touchdowns against the Browns -- most against any NFL team.
  • 19 touchdowns in the first quarter, and 35 in the first half. Note, he has four touchdowns in the third quarter and 14 in the fourth.
  • Of his 53 regular season touchdowns, 22 have come on passes 30 yards or more.
  • Chad caught 31 touchdown passes off Carson Palmer; 17 from Jon Kitna.

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