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Absolutely Ridiculous: Then there were 22.

Absolutely ridiculous. There's several many aspects in which those two words are spoken freely; government interaction with our economy, my terrible Time Warner internet connection, my body's reaction to eating White Castle or Papa John's Pizza, some people's inability to ascertain the difference between a journalist and a columnist, alarm clocks, Cincinnati drivers during inclement weather, a badly tuned guitar, some people's inability to understand what a blog is, Bob Bratkowski, Busch Light, college football post-season, the broken "F" key on my laptop, the cost for XBOX 360 games, etc.

Poor Kirk Barton, signed off the team's practice squad on November 29, became the 22nd player placed on Injured Reserve on Friday. Exactly why there's 22 guys on the Bengals IR list, is another "absolutely ridiculous". It's been happening since training camp, and exponentially growing since. Yes, but injuries are apart of football. But find me a list where 22 guys are on a team's respective IR. While you're at it, find me the list that includes, almost, 10 starters on offense and defense, or high-level contributors on special teams. We're the only team in the National Football League with a starting linebacker forced to eat soup on Thanksgiving.

Is it strength and conditioning? Is it training? Is it the practices? Is there a critical point of a respective scouting report that we're missing (aka, history of durability)? On the other hand, Barton helps our projected IR starting lineup. It can move Kooistra to right tackle, putting Barton at left guard filling out our starting lineup. If Carson Palmer goes to IR (more on that later), then our starting lineup is complete.

QB: Carson Palmer (eventually, I'm sure)
RB: DeDe Dorsey
FB: Jeremi Johnson, Reagan Maui'a
WR: Antonio Chatman, Marcus Maxwell
TE: Matt Sherry
LT: Andrew Whitworth
LG: Scott Kooistra, Kirk Barton
C: Dan Santucci, Kyle Cook
RG: Justin Britt

DE: Frostee Rucker, Robert Geathers
LB: Keith Rivers, Abdul Hodge
CB: Johnathan Joseph, Ethan Kilmer
S: Dexter Jackson, Corey Lynch, Herana-Daze Jones, Marvin White

  • Justin Britt (G)
  • Antonio Chatman (WR)
  • Kyle Cook (C)
  • DeDe Dorsey (RB)
  • Robert Geathers (DE)
  • Abdul Hodge (LB)
  • Dexter Jackson (S)
  • Jeremi Johnson (FB)
  • Johnathan Joseph (CB)
  • Corey Lynch (S)
  • Reagan Maui'a (FB)
  • Keith Rivers (LB)
  • Frostee Rucker (DE)
  • Dan Santucci (C)
  • Matt Sherry (TE)
  • Ethan Kilmer (S/CB)
  • Marcus Maxwell (WR)
  • Herana-Daze Jones (S)
  • Scott Kooistra (T/G)
  • Andrew Whitworth (G)
  • Marvin White (S)
  • Kirk Barton (G/T)