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Bengals haven't scored a touchdown in 11 straight quarters

What's the significant of Glenn Holt's 10-yard touchdown reception in the opening quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers? That was the last time the Bengals scored a offensive touchdown (offense, or otherwise).

That's 11 quarters ago.

That's 168 minutes (and change) ago.

That's 34 drives ago.

That's 17 days ago.

Since the Bengals last scored an offensive touchdown, the offense has punted 22 times, turned it over eight times, kicked three field goals and let one first half end on a knee.

You have to go back to the 2-14 team in 2002 in which the Bengals scored single-digit points in back-to-back games. Go two years further back (2000) the last time the Bengals didn't score a touchdown in back-to-back games (both shutouts against Jacksonville and Baltimore).