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When it all comes down to it, nothing will change

I suppose it's clear that if you expected more, such as a win over a team that's dominated our number for six straight games, sitting on our respective soup box shouting how bad the Bengals are would be a waste of everyone's time. We know. We get it. Nothing happened Sunday that would suggest concrete opinions for the optimistic and pessimistic to be swayed. Yes, this team lacks heart, motivation, talent, health and overall skill; though I'll be the first to say injury is no excuse, but come on! No, nothing surprised me.

This team is in cruise control to finish the season. It's evident when a rookie like Jerome Simpson, supposedly the team's wide receiving future, stops a slant route two strides short while Ryan Fitzpatrick earns an unearned interception. Chris Henry, jamming a guy in the face long after the play was over for a personal foul that allowed the Colts second touchdown drive to start on the Bengals seven-yard line. No matter how hard you twist the same valid point, all points remain the same.

Sure, a General Manager would help, but I seriously doubt it's the "solution." A General Manager wouldn't have the final say. A General Manager would do as Mike Brown wishes. A General Manager would likely have the same "smallest in the NFL" scouting department. And the family that he's trained all these years, know little more than how to do it Mike Brown's way. Want real front office change? You have to get the family to sell. Anything else is just hot air.

Moving on...

Daniel Coats drop wasn't in the endzone; but with any level of awareness, he could have tied the score at seven.

Marvin Lewis on why he benched Chad Johnson to start the game. "Because I chose not to start him. It was just my decision not to start him and to play the other guys."

I believe it's clear that the Bengals will/should but likely won't, draft an offensive tackle in the first round.

Chad Johnson vents with Chick Ludwig.

"I was talking about that as the game was winding down that we used to score 30 points for fun and now just trying to get to 30 (points) in two or three games is a struggle."
- T.J. Houshmandzadeh after 35-3 loss to the Colts.

James Walker said that "it is clear that Cincinnati is ready to call it a season."

Stacy Andrews and Anthony Collins really struggled against the speed rush of Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.

Pat Sims made one all-rookie team already.

John Copeland gives back to Tuscaloosa.