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Carson Palmer is throwing again, but not really close

During the broadcast, the seventh team (notably Ian Eagle) on CBS made fun of Carson Palmer throwing a Nerf football, joking that he could throw a nerf a "country mile" and that to "call him" when Palmer picks up the pigskin. We'll get right on it.

The truth of the matter is that Palmer used a Nerf football to test his throwing motion, testing the elbow for any pain. Of which, he felt none. And he's throwing the football between 20-25 yards -- no word if it's a Nerf football, or if the reference was regarding the same session.

So is this one highway accidents in which you slam on your brakes to take a peak, nearly causing a 50-car pile up? "I'm taking it slowly, hoping to throw more and more balls as I get cleared to do. No catastrophic news that you guys are looking for."

In the end, we're banking to label anything as "good" this season. Palmer returns for the Browns and Chiefs, win both games, and then there's some momentum heading into 2009. Unlikely, I know. Still, we have to out this season on a high note, don't we?