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Al Pacino as Han Solo? No farkin' way man, no farkin' way

One of my addictive hobbies is that when a movie comes on, I'll hit Internet Movie Database and scan the facts. It only takes a few minutes and there's always a little nugget go for a bar-trivia question or two. Like, did you know that Die Hard was originally supposed to be a Commando sequel? Did you know that O.J. Simpson was considered to for the role as Terminator? Did you know Al Pacino, James Caan and Burt Reynolds turned down the role for Han Solo. Can you imagine Han Solo being anyone other than Harrison Ford? Good god, I'm just happy it wasn't Burt Reynolds.

But what usually draws me are the comments, mostly internet tough guys that say nothing of the movie. Then you come across pages that are meant for an announced sequel. Read the comments. Most are similar to "why are they making another". I know, why do they really even care? My guess is that they are tired of the rehashed and non-original material coming out of Hollywood. But I doubt that's the reason. I can't imagine there's million's of fans disgusted as super-secret Hollywood investors/lobbyists. I suppose it's because they have an agenda of hating Hollywood. We all have agendas hidden underneath the layer of what's supposedly our truth. At the same time, movies that are coming out in the past two years, haven't been that bad. Especially the sequels that we tend to always rank against its original.

Checking the To Do list...

Why in the world would anyone be against a Lingerie Bowl League? Teams are forming with names like New York Euphoria, Miami Caliente (attn: Ocho Cinco), Atlanta Steam, Tampa Breeze, San Diego Seduction, Chicago Bliss, Dallas Desire, Las Vegas Sin (so original), Phoenix Scorch and Los Angeles Temptation.

Hummm... Cincinnati Queens? Most of you get that reference, but I'm sure there's a Steelers fan that just giggled somewhere.

Something that's even faster...

It's no secret that I'm a crazy NASCAR fan. Let me amend that. I'm a crazy television NASCAR fan. The events are fun, but each event I've gone to I've had to endure 90+ degree temperatures and beer boiling hotter than Satan's kegger. Each time I go, I develop some form of heat sickness. Granted, I'm drinking beer and not jabbing IV fluids into my arm. Then comes the issue of seating. You sit, a lot. Not only do you sit in the parking lot drinking beer, eating dogs and burgers, but then you sit on benches for a race that's three hours -- and that's only a 300-mile race. You might get lucky to get a game cornhole in. Especially the board with Palmer's John Morrell promotion and the hole being where his mouth is. A Steelers fan giggled somewhere.