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Bengals coach saves trees; denies any Chad trade possibilities

Man, Chad Johnson has to be pissed. Marvin Lewis, like the many times before, was adamant that Chad Johnson won't be traded.

"They can stop the presses, quit killing trees and move on to other things," Lewis said of the Johnson media orgy. "There is, at no point, anyone in the Bengals organization who has ever uttered anything about trading Chad Johnson. Nor will he be traded. "Our player, we know, is very passionate about the game. He continues to play at a very, very high level. He's been very, very productive. We're conscious of that. He's been well compensated."

Then this.

Drew Rosenhaus represents big-time Redskins Clinton Portis, London Fletcher and Santana Moss. He was also the agent for late safety Sean Taylor. But two Cincinnati sources told me that there's no way that the Bengals will let Rosenhaus force them to trade Chad Johnson no matter how badly the unhappy Pro Bowl receiver wants to be a Redskin.

Bengals owner Mike Brown is notoriously cheap and he won't stomach the $8.03 million salary cap hit that trading or cutting Johnson would entail. After giving Johnson a $35 million extension less than two years ago and with capable backup Chris Henry on hand if Ocho Cinco holds out, the Bengals are planning to play hardball.

Basically, nothing has changed. Chad Johnson will be the starting Bengals wide receiver in 2008. Now Chad should follow up his media tour during Super Bowl week with a local tour around shopping malls, restaurants and perhaps, dropping by the offices of beat writers and local radio personalities to say hello.

Unless the team files a grievance against the Redskins for tampering, this story is nearly completed. Though I wouldn't rule out a draft day trade.