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Bengals definitely using Franchise Tag

Well, the Bengals are going to use their franchise tag. Not sure who. They just want to use it so they're going to use it. Front runners are Justin Smith, Madieu Williams and Stacy Andrews. Andrews has started 17 games. In his career. Start 17 games and you're instantly promoted as franchise player? I don't see it. So let's eliminate him now. And with the stability in the secondary, what need is there to tag Madieu Williams. That's just more money added to a unit that's developing a good foundation.

That, once again, leaves Justin Smith.

Lewis nearly confirms it by saying the team needs pass rushers. "(Pass) rushers on defense, that has to be a priority," Lewis said. "You have to be able to affect the football game by knocking the quarterback around."

Though I think it's a bit ironic the team would tag Smith because they need pass rushers. Could it be an attempt to prevent the Steelers from going after Smith? Could the same logic be for Madieu Williams?

All we know is that the Bengals are definitely going to use their franchise tag.