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Negotiations with Landon are slow; Dhani close to signing

Negotiations between Landon Johnson and the Bengals have been slow, reports Geoff Hobson even used the word "stalemate". As much as we like Johnson's toughness, class and durability, watching Landon sign with another team won't cause a critical downgrade on the team's defense. While Landon has always been a tackling machine, he's scored low on the play-maker meter. In his four-year career, Landon has recorded one pick and 3.5 sacks.

It's not like he's worthless either. When Nate Webster went down with a major knee injury early in 2004, Landon became the primary inside linebacker winning the tackles title -- including 92 in his last seven games. He never slowed.

My point is simple. While it would be nice to have Landon back, it won't be disastrous if he signs with someone else.

In the same piece, it's written that "indications are that linebacker Dhani Jones is going to re-sign with the club."