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Unlikely Zach Thomas or Alge Crumpler comes to Cincinnati

Mark Curnutte is bringing up several "play the GM" points after a rash of cuts from teams determined to scratch their payroll. Curnutte points out that while Alge Crumpler is available becoming easily the team's best tight end, he also points out that Marcus Wilkins was also let go.

Likely, the Bengals won't go after Crumpler's expected salary -- assuming he hovers around the same benchmark. Marcus Wilkins I could see the team going after to improve the talent on special teams -- especially if Caleb Miller isn't expected back.

An even less likely scenario is the team going after Zach Thomas -- especially with Dallas, whom would likely pay more in the way of bonuses and guarantees, is bringing him down for an interview. Then there's the likeliness that Thomas could give Dallas the home-state discount. Then you have his string of concussions that would likely make most teams hesitant on committing to a linebacker that will turn 35 by opening weekend. The Saints are also interested.

In terms of Crumpler and Thomas, I don't see it. Wilkins is a strong possibility.