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Will the Bengals go after Tight End Jeb Putzier?

With the Houston Texans reportedly set to release Jeb Putzier, and the Bengals searching for an athletic do-it-all tight end, it makes you wonder, could Putzier be a leading free agent candidate for the Bengals?'s scouting report on Putzier:

Putzier is a five-year veteran that was drafted in the sixth round by the Denver Broncos in 2002 out of Boise State. After four years with the Broncos he signed with the Texans in 2006. He is a decent sized TE with athleticism and above-average downfield speed. He is a good combination of decent blocker, decent route runner and receiver. He has a good understanding of Gary Kubiaks offense as he followed Coach K to Houston from Denver. He can read coverages and does a good job of finding the soft spots in zone coverage to provide a good target for the QB. He has natural, relaxed hands that can pluck the ball away from his body and he puts it away quickly. He is not real elusive after the catch but will fight for yards after first contact. As a blocker he shows effort and body control. He is just not massive or strong enough to be a real effective blocker. He knows his role and does a good job of being ready when called upon.

The Bengals showed interest in Putzier two years ago before he signed with the Houston Texans on a four-year, $7.5 million.