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Decision on Odell Thurman before Training Camp

NFL Chancellor, Roger Goodell, appears optimistic with Odell Thurman saying a decision will be made before training camp whether to reinstate him or not -- provided Thurman continues with his good graces. "What we wanted to do was get him back in a structured environment," Goodell said. "He's in the program. He can make progress. If he can do that, we will make a decision prior to training camp."

Marvin Lewis is now backing the 2005 defensive rookie of the year candidate.

Strictly making an assumption, I don't see a scenario, provided he doesn't create another, in which, if training camp were to start today, that the Chancellor would prohibit Thurman's reinstatement. Then again, if Thurman fails to return because of something he does from now until training camp, I would think it's safe to assume that we couldn't trust the guy to be on the team at any point.