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Bengals could draft a linebacker or two in the draft

In what appears to be a tough road towards recovery, Bengals middle linebacker Ahmad Brooks was "sent home for a couple of weeks after experiencing soreness in his abdomen." Secondly, add to the fact that Odell Thurman -- while I still think he's the best linebacker on the team -- hasn't played an NFL down in two seasons. Thirdly, add to the fact that the Bengals could lose Landon Johnson to free agency.

Could the Bengals actually be hurting at linebacker? Sure. They've been hurting since 2006. Will they do anything about it? What's there to be done? Right now, in avoidance of having to sign free agents or using draft picks to rebuild a spot that might not require it, the Bengals are in a wait and see attitude with Brooks injury and Odell's potential reinstatement.

The Bengals have contracts with Brooks, Thurman, Eric Henderson, Jim Maxwell, Anthony Schlegel and David Pollack -- Dhani Jones will likely sign with the team soon. If the Bengals don't re-sign Landon Johnson, Marvin Lewis will have to draft at least one linebacker. Several if they're moving to the 3-4. Though, you have to admit, in a time that the team admittedly wants to "blow things up", now would be a good time to rebuild linebacker.