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Bengals interested in Michael Turner?

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Doesn't it make you wonder why USA Today would name Cincinnati as a team that "figures" to be interested in Michael Turner? At a position the Bengals aren't tipping their hand at, Cincinnati running backs, if the roster remains frozen, could go either way. Tremendous success or replaying 2007 failures. We have the talent. But do we have the patience? Of course not. Not with two guys coming off major injuries and another franchise setting back that realizes if he doesn't work on his body this off-season, it could be over for him.

I'm sure Turner would be a fine addition in Cincinnati. But this team really needs to work on upgrading the trenches. We need a center that can handle over-sized 3-4 nose tackles. We need a left guard that can pull quick enough that lanes open for the running back that's tip toeing behind him. We need two tackles that are 100% healthy. We need to work out a long term deal with Stacy Andrews.

Make no bones about it. The Bengals need work in the trenches. Defensively, sure. And while the offensive line's pass protection was tremendous, the Bengals were mediocre rushing the ball. But with big money on Levi Jones, Willie Anderson and potentially Stacy Andrews, there's little hope that the team will work on building the offensive line through free agency. And premiere guys like guard Alan Faneca are expecting the neighborhood of a seven-year, $49 million deal. One of the better free agent centers, Jeff Faine, has already signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in what's believed to be a deal that makes him the highest paid center.

It was reported last weekend that Darren McFadden spiked interest with the Bengals.