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Updating the Bengals UFA, RFA and ER-FA

First things, first. Our off-season chart is updated again with Williams, Tab Perry and Adam Kieft knocked off.

Let's quickly review the Bengals free agents and where we are. First, the restricted free agents and the exclusive rights free agents since they're the guys that will likely return.

Ryan Fitzgerald -- offered a one-year "draft status" tender worth $927,000. If another team offers Fitzgerald a deal and the Bengals refuse to match, the Bengals will pick up that team's seventh round draft pick. With a limited quarterbacks in the market right now, there's a chance a team could pick up Fitzgerald sealing the Bengals quarterback position with the Palmer brothers and Jeff Rowe.

Tab Perry and Adam Kieft -- not tendered and thus released into free agency. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the team signs both to minimal deals.

Corey Mays, Rashad Jeanty and Glenn Holt are exclusive rights free agents the Bengals offered tenders to for $445,000 each. Cincinnati didn't offer Dan Burks anything and is released into free agency. Other Exclusive Rights Free Agents: Chris Manderino, Skyler Green, Bennie Brazell, Cooper Wallace and Tim Day were not tendered and have been removed from roster list. Assuming that they are not on another list -- the off-season roster list -- one can only assume they are on the market considering the Bengals didn't offer to sign them. Though I'm not removing them from the list just yet.

The rest of the unrestricted free agents -- not including Landon Johnson, Justin Smith or Madieu Williams:

Alex Stepanovich
Aaron Elling
Lemar Marshall
Kyle Larson
Bryan Robinson
Caleb Miller
Dhani Jones