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Dhani Jones signs for three years

As projected, Dhani Jones signed a three-year deal to stick around Cincinnati. Geoff Hobson writes that the 30-year old is expected to receive around $2 million in 2008. It's doubtful the Bengals re-sign Lemar Marshall or Caleb Miller. It's unlikely the team can re-sign Landon Johnson unless it becomes clear to Johnson's party that his value is far less than he believes -- whatever that is.

So far, the Bengals have seven linebackers signed for 2008 (Ahmad Brooks, Jones, Anthony Schlegel, David Pollack, Eric Henderson, Jim Maxwell and Odell Thurman). Consider that Thurman isn't for-sure returning and that Pollack could move back to defensive end -- if he comes back at all. Rashad Jeanty and Corey Mays will likely sign their tenders for one-year bringing that total up to nine.

Since the team is likely moving to 3-4, they need -- paraphrasing here -- "3-4 backers". This would likely cement the departure of Miller, Marshall and Johnson. It could also mean that guys like Anthony Schlegel and Jim Maxwell become roster-cut casualties. With that in mind, the Bengals would fall back to seven likely drafting, at least one, pass rushing defensive end/linebacker converts to raise some hell.