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Bengals trade for Shaun Rogers

I'm like every other Bengals fan out there. I don't expect much, but I complain when nothing happens. ESPN is reporting (through PFT) that the Bengals have traded their third and fifth round picks for Detroit Lions big-man, Shaun Rogers. Rogers has been in nearly every trade rumor -- none with the Bengals. At 3:50pm, picked up the story.

An NFL source confirmed Friday the Bengals have swung one of their biggest deals in history by acquiring Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers for third- and fifth-round picks.

It would seem likely that the Bengals will work on a contract extension. Rogers signed a six-year deal worth $43 million after the 2004 season. His base salary in 2008 is worth $4.25 million with $5.25 million in 2009 and $7 million for 2010 -- his signing bonus went for $15 million.

In 2006, Rogers was suspended four games for violating the steroid and related substances policy. Rogers claimed it was an appetite suppressant containing a form of ephedrine which is banned by the league.

One has to wonder if this ends John Thornton's Cincinnati career.

Sean (Detroit Lions blogger, not Rogers) doesn't seem pleased.