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Perry and Kieft could still return to Cincinnati

By now you've heard. The Bengals are not offering Tab Perry or Adam Kieft tenders making them free agents -- both suffered lasting injuries that the Bengals aren't sure they'll recover from. Perry could return under a minimum deal provided another team doesn't want his services concerned about his hip. Though I'm not convinced he really needs to return. It's not like the Bengals would be better or worse with or without him. Glenn Holt and Antonio Chatman could play the role of return guy.

Adam Kieft never had a chance. Serious, and unlikely, injuries plagued his entire Cincinnati career. Kieft could be a case of rejoining the Bengals, like Perry, under a minimal deal simply to stick around in the NFL providing the team with depth -- though would it be worth it with the injuries sustained? It's the dependability argument. Depending on the team's plan during the NFL draft, both scenarios are as much likely as they aren't. But if someone can replace either player that's low-cost, then I can't see the Bengals not doing that either.