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Chad Johnson resorts to shoving league personnel

Hey, what do you know, another Chad Johnson update. I was thinking of calling this blog Around the time it was announced that Chad Johnson made the Pro Bowl because a team-player like Randy Moss was taking the game off, our boy "Oil Slick" said that they will handle the situation in a private and professional manner. If you haven't seen it...

Now, bookmark this page and go take a shower to clean up. I'll wait. Consider using a Sisal bath scrub pad. Or acid.

Ready? OK. From Fox Sports.

Moments after agent Drew Rosenhaus told me that Johnson was trying to resolve his problems with Cincinnati management "behind the scenes," the Bengals wide receiver ripped into the team again in an NFL Network interview.

When finished, "Ocho Cinco" would say nada to every non-NFL owned news outlet. That made independent media members — those who Johnson should have wanted in his corner — much less sympathetic to his plight.

It gets better.

Before leaving, Johnson was stopped by a member of the league's media relations department (Michael Lipman) for me and another reporter. I asked Johnson whether he was having a better off-season after venting some of his frustration publicly at the Super Bowl.

Johnson walked off without answering the question. Lipman tried speaking with him again, only to get shoved. The much-bigger Johnson then stared down Lipman before stepping onto a jitney headed toward the players' hotel.

Alex Marvez concludes.

Johnson might make amends with Lewis and try for a fresh start. Maybe the 30-year-old Johnson will retire, a possibility he raised during a Super Bowl week interview. Or something completely bizarre could happen, like Johnson getting suspended under the NFL's conduct policy if he keeps assaulting league employees.

Personally, I don't see amends. I don't see how the Bengals could "welcome" a multimillionaire that's adjusting his perception as a first-class jerk. He shoves reporters, uses harsh language on reporters from Cincinnati simply doing their job and lying to circumvent the real issue -- money.

To say that I'm surprised by the "true" Chad Johnson is an understatement. His antics that five year olds find embarrassing and revolting will be remembered for awhile now.

John Clayton:

In the NFL Network interview, Johnson seemingly talked in code. With no follow up questions, it was hard to get his point. Johnson said he wanted those in the Bengals organization who have been speaking out against him to go public with their complaints. He said he was hearing them for 16 weeks.

"But now I don't hear them," Johnson said. "Where are you at now? It's time to let it out. The only voice I here is mine."

I agree. In fact, so much that I agree, I just want to know who actually said anything. Anonymous sources? Mortensen assumptions? Has Johnson become so deluded with reality and the fantasy building in his head that he's legally becoming insane. The only voice he hears is his own? Oh my. Dare I say, has Chad become the new Britney Spears? Hummm... I won't say that just yet. But the watch is on...

T.J? "I'm not surprised by anything; perception is reality," Houshmandzadeh said. "I talk to Chad all the time, so I kind of know what's coming so it doesn't surprise me. Again, whatever you can control, you can control. If it happens, it happens and will be the best for everybody and if it doesn't, you go play."

Sadly his first Pro Bowl is filled with questions about Chad Johnson and, hopefully, putting out a spreading fire that's nearly out of control.